Clubhouse Crafts


Explore ways to use your imagination & create items to give as gifts or display in your home.  Choose from categories like decorations, faith, and seasonal/holiday.



Bible Bracelets

Gather tall jar with lid large craft sticks small, straight-edged jar or glass acrylic paint paintbrush scrapbook paper or downloadable designs (click here) scissors pen

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Hope of Easter

Make this cute Easter craft as a family. Then leave a chick on a neighbor’s doorstep to spread the hope that we have in Jesus Christ!

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Additional Crafts

Balloon Bracelets

Gather elastic cord scissors 2 long, skinny balloons (the kind used for balloon animals) Go 1. Cut a 7-inch piece of elastic. 2. Cut each

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Neck Relaxer

Gather white knee sock rice permanent markers Go 1. Fill sock half-full of rice. 2. Tie a knot at the open end. 3. Decorate the

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Knot Crazy

Basic Macramé Knot Gather scissors 50 inches hemp cord (found at craft stores) Go 1. Cut a 14-inch piece and a 35-inch piece of cord.

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