Glitter Mug

white ceramic mug
rubbing alcohol
fine red glitter
fine pink or purple glitter
three plastic containers
electrical tape (or masking tape)
heart stickers (optional)
dishwasher-safe Mod Podge
Mod Podge applicator or brush
plastic spoon
triple thick gloss glaze
craft knife or hook tool (optional)

1. Wash mug. Clean with rubbing alcohol and let dry.
2. Pour red glitter into one container, pink in another, then a mix of both in the third.
3. Wrap tape around mug in a straight line, about halfway up. Tape around handle at the same level.
Optional: Place stickers on your shirt and remove three times to weaken their stickiness, then place on mug below the tape line.

4. Coat bottom half of mug (including handle) with Mod Podge.
5. Holding mug over the glitter container, spoon red glitter around the lowest part of the sticky area. Cover completely.
6. Repeat with pink glitter on the top part.
7. Spoon the mixed glitter over the middle, creating an ombre effect.
If you added stickers, brush glitter off the middle of each sticker so you can find it later.
8. Let dry two hours.
9. Once dry, brush any loose glitter off the mug.
10. Add another coat of Mod Podge and repeat steps 5-9.
11. Seal with two coats of gloss glaze. Remove tape while still wet. To remove stickers, ask a parent to poke the center of each sticker with a craft knife or hook tool. Get under the sticker, then gently lift.
12. Let glaze dry two hours.
13. Fill mug with cocoa or small candies. Give it as a gift!
Note: Do NOT put this mug in the microwave or dishwasher.

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