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Hope of Easter

Click here to download a printout of the craft instructions.

Bible verse printouts (click here to download)
egg carton
colored markers
glue or hot glue

YouTube video

1. Cut out Bible verses from printout (click here to download). You can also write down your favorite Scriptures.
2. Cut out egg carton cups. Trim edges neatly.
3. Paint your cups bright spring colors. You can also color them with markers. Let dry.
4. Cut a 1/2-inch by 2-inch rectangle from paper. Fold in half to make hinge. Spread glue on sides of hinge. Center the fold between two egg cups. Press and hold in place. Then let dry.

To make eggs instead of chicks, skip steps 5-8 and decorate with paint.

5. Cut a small diamond-shaped piece of orange paper. Fold in half to make a triangle that opens into a beak. Glue onto chick.
6. To make feathers, fold a piece of colored paper in half. Trace the template (in download) onto paper with the straight edge lined up with fold. Cut out, then make parallel cuts along round edges. Open feather carefully. Now create smaller feathers for wings.
7. Glue large feather on top of chick and smaller feathers on each side.
8. Add chick’s eyes with marker or paint.
9. Fold verses—or roll them into tiny scrolls. Add candy and close cup with a dot of glue. Let dry.
10. Give your chick to someone and spread the hope you have in Christ at Easter!

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