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Stained Glass Window


1 piece black construction paper
1 piece white typing paper
3 or more colors of tissue paper
1 sheet of clear plastic
glue stick
printed verse (ex: John 10:10; John 11:25 or John 15:13)


1. Fold the black and the white paper in half.
2. Using white paper, cut out a window pattern. Your pattern could be a simple arched opening or divided with windowpanes. Be creative!
3. Using the white paper pattern you made, trace the opening onto the folded black paper, leaving a border. Cut the window opening through both layers.
4. For stained glass, cut colored tissue paper into one-inch squares or other small shapes. You’ll need 40 to 50 pieces.
5. Cut clear plastic large enough to fully cover the window opening.
6. Spread glue on one side of clear plastic. Arrange tissue paper pieces on top of the glue, overlapping colors.
7. From black paper, cut strips to make a cross. If desired, cut additional black shapes such as doves, angels, hearts or flowers.
8. Glue cross shape onto center of window. Add other shapes.
9. Place stained glass windowpane inside black frame. Glue in place.
10. With scissors, round top corners of black frame for a cathedral window effect.
11. Glue a printed verse on the bottom of the frame.
12. Punch a hole at the center top and add ribbon. Hang finished project by a window to let the light shine through.

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