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Incredible Journey

Illustration of the Three Wise Men, depicted by young, happy children

empty paper towel roll for a telescope
sign that reads, “HEROD is a BAD GUY”


SCENE ONE: GASPAR and MEL have a conversation outside.

Gaspar: Hey, Mel! Whatcha lookin’ at?

Mel: Gaspar! You’ll never believe it! A big… no, huge… no, enormous star just appeared in the sky!

Gaspar: (GASPAR takes telescope.) Let me see! Wow!

Balty: (BALTY enters and rubs his eyes.) Hey, guys. What’s up?

Gaspar: It’s an enormous… no, massive… no, colossal star!

Balty: Why does all the good stuff happen while I am sleeping? (BALTY takes telescope.)

Gaspar: Don’t you mean all the good stuff happens while you’re snoring? (GASPAR and MEL laugh.)

Balty: (BALTY looks through telescope.) Wow! Someone really important must have been born.

Mel: I wonder who it is.

Balty: (BALTY raises hand and jumps up and down.) Ooh, ooh, ooh! I know.

Mel and Gaspar: Who???

Balty: Um, I forgot.

Mel: (MEL opens scroll.) It says in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures that a king will be born.

Balty: That’s an important person.

Gaspar: (GASPAR takes scroll.) And the king will be God!

Balty: An even more important person!

Mel: We must hurry and go see this King. (MEL, GASPAR and BALTY begin running, get tangled up and fall down.)

Mel: This isn’t working. Gaspar, get the camels. Balty, get the food. I’ll get the presents!

SCENE TWO: MEL, GASPAR and BALTY walk in place facing the audience. They hold hands up as if leading camels.

Balty: Are we there yet?

Mel: No.

Balty: (pause) Now?

Gaspar: No.

Balty: (pause) How about now?

Mel and Gaspar: No!!!

Balty: I can’t wait to see the new King!

Gaspar: We’re running low on food, Mel. (BALTY yawns and curls up in sleeping position at back of stage. Starts snoring and sucking thumb.)

Mel: (Still walking.) If my calculations are correct, Gaspar, we should reach Jerusalem in a few days.

Gaspar: At least we travel at night when it’s cool.

Mel: The star is beautiful tonight. Isn’t it, Balty? (MEL notices BALTY is missing.) Balty?

Mel and Gaspar: Balty!!!

Balty: (BALTY awakes.) Mommy? Oh! Wait up, guys! (BALTY catches up as MEL and GASPAR exit.) Are we there yet?

SCENE THREE: MEL, GASPAR and BALTY talk to HEROD in his throne room. Two PRIESTS stand by. HEROD wears crown and sits on chair.

Mel: O King, we have traveled for many days, many weeks, many months!

Gaspar: (GASPAR looks at watch.) One year, five months, two weeks, four days, 21 hours, five minutes and 52 seconds to be exact.

Mel: But who’s counting?

Balty: The camels are hungry.

Herod: How can I help you?

Mel: We are searching for someone.

Gaspar: A King.

Herod: A king? I’m the only king. Aren’t I the only king? (HEROD looks at PRIESTS, who nod their heads.)

Gaspar: It is a new King we seek.

Balty: Yeah. You’re the old king. Well, not old… I guess you’d have gray hair if you were old.

Herod: Silence! (Sweetly.) Tell me about this King.

Mel: He is born King of the Jews.

Herod: Got that.

Gaspar: We saw His star in the East, and we have come to worship Him.

Balty: We have presents!

Herod: Just one moment, gentlemen. (HEROD whispers loudly to PRIESTS.) Where is this King supposed to be born?

Priests: (PRIESTS look at scroll.) Bethlehem.

Herod: Tell me exactly when you saw this star.

Gaspar: One year, five months, two weeks, four days—

Herod: Whoa, stop! I get the idea. (Sweetly.) Go to Bethlehem. See this King. And when you have visited Him—

Balty: And given Him presents!

Herod: Come back and tell me exactly where He is, so I can worship Him, too.

Balty: Do you hate babies?

Herod: Of course not! Why do you ask?

Balty: You have a grumpy face. Like this. (BALTY makes a grumpy face at the audience.)

Herod: That’s only because I wish the delightful little King were here right now. Boy, do I. (HEROD pounds fist on palm.)

Mel: Well, we should be going. Thanks for the directions! (MEL, GASPAR and BALTY exit.)

Herod: Any time. Don’t forget to come back so I can crush… I mean, cuddle the little King!

SCENE FOUR: MEL and GASPAR prepare to go home.

Mel: Jesus was so wonderful, Gaspar!

Gaspar: Yes, He was!

Mel: And to think we got to see Him! How can Balty sleep at a time like this?

Gaspar: Let’s pack up and go tell Herod where he can find Jesus.

Balty: (BALTY runs on stage.) Stop! Wait! No!!!

Mel: What’s wrong, Balty? (After trying to speak, out-of-breath BALTY holds up a sign: HEROD is a BAD GUY.)

Gaspar: How do you know?

Balty: I had a dream. Herod wants to kill the new King. We have to go home another way.

Mel: (MEL slaps BALTY on back.) Finally, all your snoozing came in handy, friend.

Balty: Will Jesus be OK?

Gaspar: I have a feeling He will be just fine. God has a special plan for this little King. He will save many people.

Balty: Jesus is an important person.

Gaspar: The most important person.

Mel: Let’s go home, boys.

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