Super Seeds

Spring is a time of new growth. Seeds play a big part in that. All beautiful plants and trees start off as seeds. Because seeds are so important, God created cool ways for them to find a good place to grow.

Soaring Seeds
Dandelions grow all over North America. These herbs are considered weeds by most people who don’t want them in their yards. The yellow flowers of dandelions turn into white, feathery seeds that catch the breeze and fly away. Pretty soon, more dandelions start to grow.

Did You Know?
Dandelion leaves can be eaten in salads.

Buried Treasure
Eastern gray squirrels live in North America. During the fall, squirrels collect nuts and seeds for winter. But these furry mammals don’t have perfect memories. They often forget where they store the food they collect! When the snow melts and spring comes, the forgotten nuts and seeds grow into new plants.

Did You Know?
A group of squirrels is called a scurry.

Seafaring Seeds
Coconuts are large seeds that grow on palm trees. These tropical seeds can go on long journeys before they find a place to grow. Coconuts near the ocean often fall into the water and get swept out to sea. They can float for miles before they finally wash up on a beach. Then a new palm tree begins to grow.

Did You Know?
One palm tree can grow I00 coconuts in a year.

Sticky Seeds
Household pets like dogs can spread seeds too. When dogs run through the woods and around bushes, things get stuck in their fur. The prickly burrs that stick to animals are actually seeds. When the burrs fall off, the seeds end up in a new place to grow.

Did You Know?
Burrs that stick to your pet may have inspired the invention of Velcro.

Spring Up
God designed seeds to make sure lots of new plants would grow. He created you to grow too. With the help of your parents, grandparents, teachers and coaches, you can grow in your talents, abilities, relationships and faith.

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