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Waiting for Daddy

Hi, my name is Nemesio. It means, “He who gives justice fairly.” God is just and good, even when we have to wait a long time.

I have been waiting patiently for Daddy to come back. He is deployed in the military. I am sad, but I am very patient.

I do video chats with Daddy. We play chess and Battleship. I am waiting to play drums with my daddy when he gets home.

When Daddy was here, I played drums every day and Daddy played piano with me. I want to explore in the jungle with Daddy when he comes home.

While I wait, I play with LEGOs by myself and with my mommy. I bake cookies for the neighbors and the librarians. Waiting is hard, but I know God works everything for my good.

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Every month, Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine provides age-appropriate, biblically based stories, poems, puzzles, crafts and recipes that can help children (ages 3-7) learn more about and grow closer to God.