Don’t Frog-et to Pray


green paper
blank neon price stickers (available with office supplies)
red or pink ribbon
black marker


1. Cut green paper in half lengthwise and fold one half into thirds.
2. Carefully cut off one of the thirds and cut a rounded shape for a smile. (You may trace the side of a mug to create a rounded shape.)
3. Cut two 1 3/4-inch circles and two hearts from the paper you cut off.
4. Fold remaining paper in half, making a crease along the bottom edge of the frog’s body. Unfold and place a thin line of glue on left and right edges.
5. Place the two circles on the glue, near the crease about halfway in. Fold frog’s body up over the circle halves and press edges together.
6. Glue hearts upside down on the front of your frog’s body to make webbed feet.
7. Use neon price stickers to make warts. Place two yellow stickers halfway off the top of your frog for eyes. Then stick green stickers to the back of eyes. Use a black marker to create pupils.
8. Cut red or pink ribbon and glue it on for a tongue.
9. Write prayer requests on slips of paper and put them inside your frog. Take your requests out each day and pray for them. When God answers your request, remove it from the folder. Keep it in a special place to remember God’s goodness.
10. Don’t frog-et to pray every day!

This article first appeared in the May 2009 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine. Copyright © 2009 by Kristen White. Used by permission.