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Yarn Eggs in Nest

water balloons
white glue
yarn, thread or string

paper plate
brown paint
brown paper
small twigs and sticks

1. Ask a parent to blow up a balloon to about the size of your palm.
2. Tie a piece of yarn around the knot of the balloon.
3. Put the yarn into the bowl and cover it with glue.
4. Wrap the yarn around the balloon.
5. Repeat to make more eggs.
6. Use clothespins to hang the balloons up to dry. Leave them for few hours, until the glue is completely dry.
7. Carefully pop the balloons and pull them out.
8. Paint the plate brown and let it dry.
9. Crumple up pieces of brown paper and glue them around the outside of the plate.
10. Glue sticks on and around the paper to create a nest.
11. Put your eggs in the nest for an Easter decoration. You might even be able to hide tasty treats inside the eggs!

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