Marriages and families are in trouble after the challenges of last year.
If it's not too much to ask, would you help equip these families with the resources they need to put Jesus at the center of their home?
Yes, I will help struggling families!

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Advent Calendar
Daily Devotional

“Preparing the Way for Jesus”

26 Daily Advent Devotions

Don’t miss out! Advent begins on Sunday, November 29. Fill out the form below and get 26 Advent devotions and a Christmas Day celebration.

More Ideas for Your Family This Christmas

Adventures in Odyssey Club

Adventures in Odyssey Club

Get an all-access membership to nearly 900 Adventures in Odyssey episodes, behind the scenes videos, and more!

Each devotion comes from the
Adventures in Odyssey: Advent Activity Calendar

In the full calendar, get 24 devotions, patterns to create Odyssey buildings as a paper craft, activities and more!

AIO Advent Calendar

Adventures in Odyssey: Advent Activity Calendar

Take the time this Christmas season to connect with your kids in a meaningful way while enjoying a very special Advent in Odyssey.

Adventures in Odyssey Advent Craft

Build an Odyssey Town!

In this Advent Activity Calendar, older kids can cut out and decorate paper-craft Odyssey buildings to make their own town. Younger kids can make Whit and Eugene characters!

AIO CD cover

Corresponding Adventures in Odyssey Episodes

24 Adventures in Odyssey episodes, designed to help your family understand Christmas in a new and meaningful way! Start a family tradition!