Talker Personality Type


Personality Type: Talker

Talkers are spontaneous, charming, and warm personalities. Talkers appreciate teamwork, fun, and acceptance.

Congratulations, you're a Talker!

Congratulations, you’re a Talker! Talkers are spontaneous, charming, and warm personalities. You pursue fun and acceptance. You tend to be more naturally optimistic than the other personality types. Also, you enjoy being with people and are a motivator.

Talkers appreciate respect, organization, and being understood and listened to.


Strengths, Weaknesses, and Motivators

  • Adaptable
  • Inviting
  • Makes connections with many people
  • Can easily become distracted from a task
  • Disorganization
  • Maintaining boundaries
  • Curiosity
  • Fun and laughter
  • Cooperation


How can Talkers relate to...

  • Show Leaders you value them by being focused
  • Come ready to work/compete
  • Be aware that Leaders are more task-focused
  • Show Thinkers you value them by paying attention to the details
  • Respect the rules
  • Be aware that Thinkers are more task-focused
  • Show Peacemakers you value them by taking time to listen
  • Bring authenticity
  • Be aware that Peacemakers are more relationship-focused

The other personality types

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Navigating personality differences at home

Take some time to learn about the personalities of people around you. The goal is for your family to take the frustration that can come from different personalities and turn it into understanding how different personalities can benefit each other.

Find out more on how you can use this knowledge to help navigate personality differences in your home!

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