Leader Personality Type

Personality Type: Leader

Leaders are bold, driven, and decisive personalities. You appreciate recognition, loyalty, competence, and honesty.

Congratulations, you're a Leader!

Leaders are bold, driven, and decisive personalities. You are direct and assertive. You may not be as concerned about what other people think of you as compared to the other personality types. You are goal-oriented and a “fixer.”

Leaders appreciate recognition, loyalty, competence, and honesty.

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Motivators


  • Adventurous
  • Visionary
  • Willing to take charge


  • Can desire to control everything and everyone
  • Tendency to run over others emotionally
  • Patience


  • Competition
  • Opportunity for mastery
  • Challenges

How can Leaders relate to...


  • Show Thinkers you value them by coming to them with organization in mind
  • Make sure to slow down to let them think
  • Be aware that Thinkers are more task-focused


  • Show Talkers you value them by taking turns listening and hearing opinions
  • Learn to make work fun
  • Be aware that Talkers are more relationship-focused


  • Show Peacemakers you value them by learning to draw out their strengths and opinions
  • Have patience
  • Be aware that Peacemakers are more relationship-focused

The other personality types

Check out the other three personality types (Thinker, Talker, and Peacemaker) to see their strengths, motivators, and how you can navigate personality differences.

Navigating personality differences at home

Take some time to learn about the personalities of people around you. The goal is for your family to take the frustration that can come from different personalities and turn it into understanding how different personalities can benefit each other.

Find out more on how you can use this knowledge to help navigate personality differences in your home!

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