Family Summer Games

With the Rio games opening August 5th, this is a great time to show your kids how sports build character. We’ve compiled a decathlon of fun summer activities inspired by Olympic events, along with brief devotionals for your family to share as you watch the games on TV or online.

Dueling Socks  

Dueling Socks (Fencing)

Steady Steps  

Steady Steps (Gymnastics)

On Target  

On Target (Archery)

Smart Rider  

Smart Rider (Equestrian)

Super Jump  

Super Jump (Triple Jump)

Splash Dance  

Splash Dance (Synchronized Swimming)

Balloon Bump  

Balloon Bump (Volleyball)

Long Shot  

Long Shot (Hammer Throw)

Rainy Relay  

Rainy Relay (Relay)

Catch-Up Race  

All-Together Race (Marathon)

Copyright © 2016 by Focus on the Family. Photo © Matt Phipps/; used under Creative Commons license.

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