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Belly Full of Laughs

Tickles at my bedtime,
Daddy’s make-me-laugh time,
A squirmful, wiggle-worm time.
My belly’s full of laughs!

Snuggles in the soft chair,
Mommy’s stack-of-books chair,
A dreamful, make-believe chair.
My ears are full of stories!

Music in my gram’s house,
Groovy-move guitar house,
A strumful, tappy-toes house.
My feet are full of dances!

Frolics in the front yard,
Grandpa’s flying-fast yard,
A runful, bouncy-feet yard.
My legs are full of races!

Loving each and all days,
Happy, be-yourself days,
Squeezeful, sweet-indeed days.
My heart is full of family!

Welcome to Clubhouse Jr.

Every month, Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine provides age-appropriate, biblically based stories, poems, puzzles, crafts and recipes that can help children (ages 3-7) learn more about and grow closer to God.