Buzz About


water bottle caps
colored paper
hole punch
black embroidery thread
tissue paper
craft glue
glitter glue (optional)


1. For each bug, place a bottle cap on a piece of white card stock and trace around it with a pencil. Add a rounded head on one side and perhaps a pointy tail on the other. Then cut out the bug shape.
2. Use the black marker and crayons to color your bug. Be creative!
3. To make legs, cut three strands of embroidery thread, each about 2 inches long. Tape strands in a row across the underside of your bug, so they poke out on each side like legs.
4. Cut a 1-inch strand of embroidery thread. Fold strand in half and tape to underside of bug head, so the ends stick out like antennae. For bees and wasps, add thread stingers and tissue paper wings.
5. Glue bug to top of bottle cap and let dry.
6. Draw a flower on colorful paper and cut it out. (Optional: Use glitter glue to make bug eyes and decorate flower.)

To play

1. Find a smooth surface such as the kitchen floor.
2. Place flower at least two steps away.
3. Line up bugs at starting line.
4. Place a marble under each bug.
5. Take turns gently pushing the bugs, so they race toward the flower.
6. The first bug to land on the flower wins.

This article first appeared in the April 2009 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse Jr. magazine. Copyright © 2009 by Laura Sassi. Used by permission. Photo © Ron Nickel.

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