Bring Your Bible to School on October 1

Child Pointing at Bible

On October 1, 2020, join more than a half million students by taking your Bible to school. Here are a few kids who are excited about Bring Your Bible to School Day.

Share the Word

Hannah can’t wait to bring her new Bible to school this year. She plans to read it during free reading time.

“It’s important to participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day,” Hannah says, “because you can share the words of Jesus with others. I asked my teacher if she went to church. She said yes!”

Register for Bring Your Bible to School Day You’ll find T-shirt designs, poster and sticker downloads, plus a conversation guide.

Bible Bunch

After bringing her Bible to school last year, Grace decided to start a Bible Club so other kids could learn about Jesus. She asked the principal if she could start one. The principal told her to ask the librarian to help run it. The librarian said yes.

“I was so happy that I jumped up and down,” Grace says. “Now about 40 to 50 people come to Bible Club each week. We read the Bible, do an activity, pray together and have candy.”

Home-schooled? Too young for school? You can still participate! Visit for details.

The Good Book

Brett colored bookmarks to hand out at school for Bring Your Bible to School Day. He also brought his Bible to read during down times throughout the day.

“It was fun to read my Bible during school,” Brett says. “It was encouraging to see other kids bring their Bibles too.”

Bring Your Bible to School Day is Thursday, October 1.

Bible Show-and-Tell

Focus on the Family sponsors Bring Your Bible to School Day. Sign up at

Tell your friends (and your principal). As long as you don’t disrupt classes, you have the right to hand out cards, put up posters, bring your Bible and talk to other students about the event.

As a student in a United States public school, you can:
• respectfully state your personal religious beliefs.
• invite other students to voluntarily join you in praying, reading the Bible or talking about faith (but you can’t force them).
• pass out religious materials if other handouts are distributed by students.
• start a student-led and student-initiated religious club.
• pray at lunch, in class or before tests.

Students attending private or charter schools may have different rights. Consult your student handbook to learn how to participate respectfully.

If you’re not “in school” this fall, you can still share your faith with other kids on October 1:
• Schedule a time to read the Bible with friends over video chat.
• Post a picture with your Bible and your favorite verse and tag us @BringYourBible.
• Display your Bible behind you during online learning.
• Encourage your friends to pray with you.

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