Bringing the Bible Back to School

Hailey walked into school carrying a big, lumpy bag.

“Hola,” a student said.

“Hello!” Hailey said back.

“What’s in the bag?” the student asked.

“They’re mini-Bibles,” Hailey said. “It’s Bring Your Bible to School Day!”

Bring Your Bible to School Day 2018

Last October, Hailey and her brother, Hunter, handed out more than 60 Bibles to kids in almost every grade at their dual-language school in California.

Hailey was used to English and Spanish mixing together at school. She just didn’t know she could mix God’s Word into the conversation. Then she learned about Bring Your Bible to School Day.

This exciting event inspired Hailey and Hunter to think of ways to reach both English- and Spanish-speaking students with God’s love. Hailey and her friends spent their recesses translating posters about the event from English to Spanish so no one would be left out.

Bring Your Bible to School Day 2018

When the big day came, some of Hailey’s classmates said school wasn’t a place to talk about faith.

“It was kind of hard for me to hear them say that,” Hailey says.

But she knew it was OK to share her beliefs during free time. She courageously told other students how she read the Bible. “Some of the kids were of different religions, but they still wanted to learn about it,” Hailey says.

After passing out God’s Word to kids of all cultures, Hailey and her friends got an idea. They started a group where it’s safe to talk about Jesus and everyone is welcome. They love sharing their favorite Bible verses with one another.

“Because of Bring Your Bible to School Day, I feel more open about talking to Jesus at school,” Hailey says.

Bring Your Bible to School Day 2018

Bring Your Bible to School
Join Hailey, Hunter and thousands of other kids by taking part in Bring Your Bible to School Day. Just follow these steps:
1. Sign up at
2. Read the free guide.
3. Let your principal know you’d like to participate in Bring Your Bible to School Day.
4. Tell your friends.
5. Pass out flyers and put up posters.
6. Mark your favorite verses in your Bible to share with classmates.
7. Bring your Bible to school on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

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