Child of the King

“Our God is a God who saves. He is the King and the LORD.” —Psalm 68:20

Do you know that a princess is a daughter of a king? A prince is the king’s son. Princes and princesses often act heroically by doing brave deeds.

God is our King. When you believe in Jesus, you are a child of God. That makes you a princess or prince! You can show your royalty when you do good deeds for God.

Royal Virtues

Click on the image to download your crown. Print the card, cut it out and tape it on a wall where you’ll see it.

Read one of these Bible verses each day. Talk about what the men and women did. Then follow the suggestions to show that you’re a princess or prince: a true child of the King! When you show one of the great qualities that’s underlined, color in a jewel on your crown.

Joshua 1:7
Proverbs 31 Woman
Proverbs 31:17
Be strong and help carry laundry or groceries.
Ruth 2:13
Genesis 24:19-20
Be kind and help a friend or help your parents.
Luke 5:18-20
Sinful Woman
Luke 7:36-38
Repent and ask God to forgive you when you hurt someone or disobey your mom or dad.
Luke 19:5-6
Shunammite Woman
2 Kings 4:10
Be welcoming to guests and greet them with a smile. Share snacks and play games.
Acts 10:2
Acts 9:36
Be generous and share your toys, give to the poor and give money to God.
Acts 5:42
Mary Magdalene
John 20:18
Be a Christ-follower and tell others about Jesus.
Wall Workers
Nehemiah 4:6
Ruth 2:17
Be a hard worker. Clean your room and help your family cook or clean.
Genesis 26:13-22
1 Samuel 25:18,32-33
Be a peacemaker. Don’t argue or fight. Be polite.

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