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What would your friends say if you walked into school holding your Bible?

That’s what Greyson B. was worried about when he took part in Bring Your Bible to School Day last year. Still, the elementary school student from Vermont wanted his friends to know he loved God. Greyson’s mom took a picture of him outside of school holding his Bible.

Bring Your Bible to School Day

“I was still feeling a bit nervous,” Greyson says.

He headed inside holding his Bible. “This girl in my class asked, ‘Are you participating in Bring Your Bible to School Day?’ I told her ‘Yes,’ but I didn’t know how she knew.”

A few days later, the photo of Greyson holding his Bible went viral. “It was on the news in Texas,” Greyson says, “and on a website in Puerto Rico. That made me excited and encouraged!”

Now he’s really excited about this year. “I’m going to have my Bible in my hands when I walk into school,” Greyson says. “I’m going to have it out more during the school day. And I’m going to encourage more people in my class to bring them.”

Why? “It’s important to show that we believe in God,” Greyson says, “and we’re not afraid to show our faith.”

Bring Your Bible to School Day

Bring Your Bible to School Day, sponsored by Focus on the Family, takes place Thursday, October 5. Find out more at

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