I Know You Care

Illustration of mom and young daughter baking cookies

I see you, Mommy, and smile at the sight
As I climb from bed in soft morning light.
You tell me you love me, I know it is true—
I know you care from the things that you do.

I know you care when you take me outside.
We hop on our bikes and go for a ride.
We pedal together down shady streets
And happily wave at the friends we meet.

I know you care when I cry in the night.
You come to my door and turn on the light.
I throw off the covers, slide to the rug,
And run to your arms for a snuggly hug.

I know you care when I help you cook
And you let me pick from the recipe book.
I get to choose what I’d like to make,
So I pick my favorite: chocolate cake!

I know you care when I’m sick with a cold.
You sit by my side with a hand to hold.
You check for fever by feeling my head,
Then pull up blankets and tuck me in bed.

I know you care, Mom, when I read to you
And you help me out with a word or two.
You hold me close as we sit in a chair,
And you run gentle fingers through my hair.

I know you care when we go ev’ry week
And listen in church as the pastor speaks.
We worship the Lord when we sing aloud
And we praise His name with the gathered crowd.

I know you care when we play at the park.
We stay all day till it gets really dark.
You carry me home as stars light the sky.
Then you put me to bed with lullabies.

I know you care when I pray next to you,
And you show me exactly what to do.
First you close your eyes, then you bow your head,
As you kneel on the rug beside my bed.

Thank you, my mommy, for all that you do.
I feel so happy spending time with you.
I know, I know, you’ll always be there
And I give you this hug to show you I care.

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