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The Very Best

Samantha plopped down on her bed
And looked at all her stuff.
“What can I give?” She thought and thought.
“What gift will be enough?”

“What can I give to little kids
Who don’t have anything?
They all need Christmas presents, too.
But what gift can I bring?”

“Hooray! I know!” Samantha yelled.
“I’ve got the perfect toy!
I’ll give my broken choo-choo train.
And mark it: ‘For a boy.’ ”

“Or I could give my roller shoes.
The wheels don’t work on one.
I do not like them anymore.
They just aren’t any fun.”

“Maybe I could give my doll—
The one without an arm.
Or I could give my charm bracelet,
But I will keep the charm.”

“Here’s a gift someone will like—
A farm with ants inside.
I do not really want it now,
Because the ants all died.”

“It’s past your bedtime,” Mommy called.
“Give me a kiss goodnight.”
“Please tell a story,” Samantha said.
“Then tuck me in real tight.”

“Just one story,” Mommy said.
“This is my favorite one.
God gave us such a precious gift—
Jesus, His only Son.”

“So we could live, He gave His Son,
To save us from our sin.
That was the best gift in the world—
The best there’s ever been.”

Samantha listened carefully,
And when her mom was through,
Samantha climbed out of her bed.
She had some work to do.

She threw the old toys in the trash
And patted Teddy’s head.
“I’ll give my best,” Samantha said.
And then she went to bed.

The next day when she went to church,
Her teddy came along.
She cuddled him during service—
Until the final song.

That’s when she marched right down the aisle,
To the donation pile.
She kissed her bear and placed him there.
She couldn’t help but smile.

She knew she’d given her best, too—
The very best she had.
And some child who had little
Was going to be so glad.

God gave His best, Samantha thought.
He did it just for me.
And now I understand His love.
Today, I finally see.

God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son. Anyone who believes in him will not die but will have eternal life. —John 3:16

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