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Advent Calendar

Picture of an advent calendar


stiff red felt (9-by-12-inch pieces)
Christmas cards
adhesive-backed Velcro (3/4-by-18-inch piece)
stiff green felt (12-by-18-inch piece)
tube of fabric paint
adhesive-backed magnet strips


1. Using two sheets of red felt, cut out 25 squares that measure 2-by-2-inches.
2. Cut out 25 pictures from Christmas cards. Pictures should be slightly smaller than felt squares. Find a picture of Baby Jesus for Christmas Day.
3. Glue one picture on each felt square. (See image below.)
4. Cut 25 strips of Velcro, each about 1/2-inch long.
5. Evenly place all 25 squares, blank sides up, on green felt. Leave room for ribbon between each row.
6. Using the squares as a guide, remove the backing from the rough side of Velcro strips and stick them just above the center of each red square. (See image below.)
7. Remove backing from the fuzzy side of Velcro strips. Fold the strip over the top middle of each square. (See image below.)
8. Attach the squares to the Velcro on the green felt, blank sides up. Save the picture of Baby Jesus for the final square. Use the fabric paint tube to write the number 1 to 25 on the squares and the word Advent at the top of the calendar.
9. Glue a strip of Christmas ribbon above each row.
10. Attach magnet strips on back of calendar to hang on the refrigerator.
11. Starting December 1, pull up one square each day and turn it over to see the picture. Reattach it to Velcro with the picture facing out. Count down to Christmas and remember God’s Gift: Jesus!

Advent Calendar          Advent Calendar    Advent Calendar   Advent Calendar

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