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Baby in a Manger


tacky glue
14 craft sticks
3 small gelatin boxes
wooden ball (1/2-inch diameter)
black marker
felt or fleece (3-by-8-inch rectangle)
batting (teddy bear stuffing)
grass or hay


1. Using tacky glue, glue one craft stick to another, lengthwise. Make four sets of glued-together sticks and let them dry between the pages of a phonebook.
2. To build the manger legs, glue two of the glued-together sticks into an X. Line up the second pair of sticks the same way as the first pair and glue them into an X. Be patient while they dry.
3. Take three gelatin or pudding boxes and space the Xs as shown in photo below.
4. Glue a single craft stick across the framework to begin assembling baby Jesus’ bed. Add three sticks to each side.
5. While the manger dries, take a small wooden ball and draw two tiny dots for eyes. Cut a soft scrap of fabric into a 3-by-8-inch rectangle. Wrap the fabric around a piece of batting and close with a drop of glue.
6. Glue the baby’s head on one end of the fabric blanket.
7. Lay some dry grass or hay in the manger. Lay the baby Jesus in the center. Set the manger beneath your Christmas tree and remember why you celebrate December 25.

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