Leaf Animals


colorful leaves
pine needles
clear contact paper
hole punch


1. Walk through a park, gathering leaves and pine needles.
2. Cut two squares of contact paper, big enough to fit a large leaf. Leave room around the edges, especially at the top.
3. Peel one square of contact paper so the sticky side faces up.
4. Layer leaves and pine needles to create an animal. Here are a few fun examples:

Leaf Animals -- Porcupine   Leaf Animals -- Owl




5. Use a marker to add eyes (if needed).
6. Peel the other piece of contact paper. Press it on top of your creation and press out any air bubbles.
7. Punch a hole in the contact paper and tie a string so you can hang your leaf animal in the window!

    Craft and photos © Cathy Walters; used by permission.

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