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Stamped Snowmen


white glue
3 red potatoes
craft paint (white, black, red and green)
small plate
new pencil with eraser
orange marker
Christmas ribbon
small clothespins


1. Cut rectangle from burlap, 6 inches wide by 8 inches tall.
2. Gently pull off three threads on each side for a frayed look. Squeeze a dab of glue on each corner to keep burlap from unraveling more.
3. Lay burlap, glue side down, on newspaper.
4. Choose three round, red potatoes (small, medium and large). Ask a parent to cut each potato in half.
5. Squeeze white paint onto plate. Dip the largest potato half in paint until well coated.
6. Stamp painted potato onto burlap to make the snowman’s lowest circle. Repeat with the other two potatoes to make the snowman’s upper body and head.
7. Once the paint dries, cut the other half of the smallest potato in half. Dip in red or green paint and stamp winter hat onto snowman’s head.
8. Using eraser, stamp a white puffball on top of hat. Then dip eraser in black paint to stamp on buttons.
9. Color a toothpick orange for the carrot nose. Glue onto snowman.
10. Dip a second toothpick in black paint. Stamp eyes on your snowman.
11. Dip a third toothpick in white paint to make snowflakes.
12. Cut short strips of ribbon, then fold in half and glue to make a scarf.
13. Make several snowman prints in different styles. Hang snowmen on twine using clothespins.

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