Turkey Treats


craft foam (brown, black, red, yellow and orange)
hot glue gun
googly eyes
small clay pots (2-inches high)
orange cellophane wrap
candy corn
white construction paper
plastic forks


1. Cut brown foam into a fan shape for the turkey’s tail and a lightbulb shape for the turkey’s head.
2. Cut a small triangle from the orange foam for a beak and a small teardrop from the red foam for the wattle.
3. Ask a parent to attach the beak and wattle to the head using hot glue. Attach googly eyes.
4. Make a hat and buckle from the black and yellow craft foam, and glue to head. Leave to dry.
5. Glue base of feathers to the fan-shaped foam and allow to dry.
6. Glue the completed head to the rim of the clay pot. Add ribbon tied into a bow directly below the turkey’s neck.
7. Glue the completed tail to the opposite side of the pot.
8. Once the glue has dried, line the pot with cellophane and fill with candy corn.
9. Cut pieces of white construction paper to make nameplates. Write each guest’s name on a nameplate.
10. Place nameplate in the prongs of a fork and stick fork into candy corn as shown.

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