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Woolly Lamb


two clothespins
black paint
fluffy yarn
black felt for ears and tail
small bell on a string


1. Paint the clothespins black. Set aside to dry.
2. Cut an avocado shape from the cardboard that’s about 5 inches long and 3 inches wide.

The Pieces

3. Once the clothespins dry, attach them to the wider side of the cardboard for legs.
4. Wrap yarn around the cardboard and the tops of the clothespins. Leave room for the lamb’s face.

Wrapping the Yarn

5. When you finish wrapping the yarn, stuff the loose end under the wrapped yarn.
6. Stand your lamb up. Glue an ear on each side of the head.
7. Glue on a black felt tail.
8. Place the bell around the lamb’s neck.

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