Mow Delicious


brownie mix
red icing
1 sandwich cookie
4 mini cookies
2 bendable juice box straws
pull-apart black licorice


1. With a parent’s help, bake brownies according to directions on box. Let cool.
2. Ask Mom to cut large, 3-inch square brownies and remove from pan.
3. Cover top and sides of brownie with a thin layer of red icing.
4. Place a sandwich cookie on top of the red “lawn mower” for an engine.
5. Add four mini cookie wheels.
6. Bend straws and press the short ends into each other. Then poke the open ends into the brownie to make a handle.
7. Add black licorice for a starter.
8. Serve Dad a shiny new lawn mower brownie, and thank him for everything he does to help your family!

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Photo © Focus on the Family/Lexie Rhodes.

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