Mouse Pads


pot lid
craft foam
craft glue
hole punch
felt marker

8-inch piece of twine
pipe cleaners
googly eyes
pom pom

googly eyes

shoe lace


1. Choose your design and grab the corresponding colors of craft foam (mouse = tan and brown; turtle = light and dark green; mitt = white and brown).
2. Use a pot lid to trace a circle on your lighter shade of foam. Cut out the circle to make your top layer.
3. Trace the same circle on your darker piece of foam. Add appendages to the outline (mouse = nose; turtle = head, legs and tail; mitt = fingers). Cut the outline to make your bottom layer.

For the Mouse:
4. Glue twine “tail” to bottom layer then sandwich with the top layer.
5. For whiskers, cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend each piece in half and poke ends up through the sides of the mouse’s face.
6. Use extra scraps of both foam sheets to make ears. Attach, along with googly eyes and pom pom nose, using craft glue.
7. Draw a spot on the mouse’s back using felt marker.

Turtle and Mitt Mousepads

For the Turtle:
4. Glue the shell on top.
5. Punch two holes out of extra scraps of light-green foam. Glue onto head for nose, along with googly eyes.
6. Draw a cool design on turtle shell using felt marker.
7. Optional: Use craft scissors to make claws on feet.

For the Mitt:
4. Glue baseball onto mitt.
5. Punch holes between the mitt fingers. Thread a shoelace through the holes, leaving half an inch of shoelace to glue to the bottom of the mouse pad.
6. Draw stitches on the baseball using felt marker.

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