You’re the Best, POP!


small slips of paper
pencils or markers
6 or more large, bright-colored balloons
ribbon or string
pin (optional)


1. Think of things you like about your dad. Does he tell funny jokes? Help you with projects? Take you to fun places? Write words or draw pictures of these special things about Dad on small slips of paper. You could also write Bible verses or prayers.
2. Roll up your notes tightly and insert one or two of them into each balloon. Blow up the balloons and tie them shut. (For a high-flying bouquet, take the balloons⎯with notes inside⎯to a party store and have them blown up with helium.)
3. Tie the balloons together with ribbon or string. On Father’s Day, give Dad the balloons along with a big hug.
4. Ask your dad to sit on the balloons one at a time to pop them. (Or he could poke them with a pin.)
5. After Dad finds the surprise messages, ask him to read them aloud. Each time Dad reads a note, you can cheer, clap and say, “You’re the best, Pop!”
6. Clean up the balloon pieces. If you have younger brothers or sisters, make sure they don’t put balloon pieces in their mouths.

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Copyright © 2012 by Lydia Harris. Photo © Science Photo Library/Superstock.

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