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Hedgehog Cheese Ball


8 ounces white cheddar
8 ounces cream cheese
1-ounce packet ranch dressing powder
pretzel sticks
radish slices
1 black olive
1 raisin


1. Grate the cheddar cheese.
2. Ask a parent to mix cream cheese and grated cheddar.
3. Add ranch dressing mix and blend well.
4. Scoop mixture onto plastic wrap. Cover the cheese with more plastic wrap, then form cheese into an egg shape.
5. Chill cheese ball in the fridge for 3 hours or overnight.
6. Cut off the “back” of the cheese ball and add to the front for a face.
7. Poke pretzel sticks into cheese to make hedgehog quills. Leave room for the face.
8. Press in radish slices for ears.
9. Slice an olive to make eyes and mouth. Add a raisin for the nose.
10. Serve cheese ball with crackers or veggie sticks.

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