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We're here to support ministry leaders and their families

Our support line for pastors and their families features fellow pastors and trained counselors who frequently support those in church and ministry roles. These pastoral care specialists can provide an understanding ear, a word of advice, a timely referral or a simple prayer. We know leadership is not easy, and we’re eager to come alongside pastors and their loved ones to help meet their needs.

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Meditating on the Death of Christ

So this season, how about scanning your heart and life? How about looking for those places where you still need to die to self? How about crying out for the willingness to take up your cross and follow Jesus in his death?

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What Every Young Leader Should Know

Many Christians in ministries across the country believe they are untouchable. They’ve bought into the lie that they’re simply too faithful to fall or, on the other hand, they are too spiritual to give in to temptation. In the wake of believing such lies, boundaries are often missed or neglected and ministers end up in places they never thought they go. How do pastors and church leaders avoid such pitfalls?

Sharing the Gospel With Your Children

A Tale of Two Questions

Michael Todd Wilson understands these challenges and provides honest, grace-filled counsel drawn from years of experience helping men pursue greater sexual integrity. He uncovers the everyday tendencies that keep us from overcoming our personal obstacles and provides fresh ideas to live in the light.

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God’s Design for Sex and Why it Matters

Learn how to share Jesus’ love with those who’ve experienced the pain of sexual brokenness! Slattery places our sexuality in the broader context of God’s heart and work for us on earth; offers a framework for seeing the whole picture instead of focusing on one problem; and provides practical steps to implementing sexual discipleship.

Adding Humor To Your Sermons

Adding humor to your sermons must be done with wisdom. Pastor Ted Cunningham shares how he has injected humor into his sermons and talks over the past few decades of pastoral ministry.

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Finding Balance in the Chaos that is Life

Many find it hard to balance life and ministry. There are steps you can take, both in your family and in your church, which can help you find the balance in the midst of the chaos that is life.

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The Gift of Pastoral Humility

Pastors and church leaders are given the difficult task of counseling members through the hard times of life. How can a leader not try and fix each and every problem presented to them by members?

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Seven Ways to Lead With a Global Mindset

Changing the vision of an entire congregation toward the task of missions can be a difficult thing. Pastor Philip Nation helps pastors and church leaders see the value in leading with a global mindset.

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Would Your Evangelism Transform a Muslim?

We live in a pluralistic and increasingly diverse world. Islam is rivaling Christianity as the worlds fastest growing Religion causing many in the Church to ask questions about what they believe and why. In a time of unrivaled opportunity for evangelism to happen the Church must be prepared to challenge and lovingly confront the truth claims its Muslim neighbors are making.

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Suffering Well With Your Flock

Is there a practical way to suffer well? Philosopher Dr. Douglas Groothuis teaches us the biblical language of lament which he describes as a heart cry before the face of God. He shows us a way through pain and suffering from a vantage point very few have.

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