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October/November 2019 Table of Contents

Hacks & Facts


Thrifty Treasure Hunting

Try this date night challenge to connect with your spouse.
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a couple read the Bible together

Bible Reading in Marriage is Transformational

Transform Your Marriage

Read God's Word together.
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A Marriage Health Checkup Plan

Simple Questions to monitor the health of your relationship.
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O'Leary family with their dog

An Unflinching Love

by Benjamin Hawkins

Burn Survivor John O'Leary's story of courage and commitment

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Kids & Teens

by Jeff Johnston

Learn how gay and transgender ideology is promoted in public school classrooms as early as kindergarten

by Michael Anderson 
     & Dr. Timoty Johanson

by Sissy Goff

Help your teens develop the skill.

by Lee Nienhuis

Our kids’ character is often cultivated in unexpected ways.


Empty Nest

by Carol Kuykendall

When and how to offer financial assistance to your grown children

by Teri Reisser with Dr. Paul C. Reisser

Why gray divorce happens; why it shouldn’t.

by Josh Mulvihill

Be prepared for these three challenges when grandchildren are in your care

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