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Marriage is a lot like royalty. A wife wants to be first in the heart of her prince. A husband wants to be the hero that his princess admires and respects.

Discover the Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Marriage

We want your marriage to be thriving and healthy. Take a free marriage assessment to identify the key areas where your marriage could use improvement and the tools that will help you strengthen your bond with your spouse. Take the free assessment!


hurt wife autistic husband distracted

Autism in Marriage

Autism support usually focuses on children, but autistic adults need support too. Here’s what you need to know about autism in marriage.

Marriage Conferences & Weekend Retreats

Strengthen your marriage or the marriages in your church by hosting one of our Focus Marriage Conferences or attending one of our Weekend Marriage Retreats.
gray divorce couple

Are You at Risk for Gray Divorce?

Is hidden hurt or dissatisfaction festering in your marriage? Don’t let it lead to gray divorce! Here’s how to create healthy marriage relationship dynamics.

a couple checking their marriage health
Healthy Marriage Traits

A Marriage Health Checkup Plan

To determine marriage health, couples need to monitor their relational fitness to catch problems they might miss. Here are some questions to help you.

a couple read the Bible together
Biblical Marriage

Bible Reading in Marriage Is Transformational

Invigorate your spiritual connection by reading the Bible together. By applying biblical principles as a couple, you’ll reach into an untapped power source.

cheap date idea

Date Night Challenge: Cheap Date Idea

Need a new idea for a date with your spouse? Try a “thrifty makeover.” This outing is cheap and fun and will bring laughter to your special time together.

unconditional love John and Beth O'Leary

An Unflinching Love

Burn survivor John O’Leary’s story of unconditional love and commitment inspires all to live a life that can overcome fierce obstacles.

Healthy Sexuality

5 Keys to a Healthy Perspective on Sex

Proverbs 5 is devoted to outlining a healthy perspective of sex and showing how sex is a gift intended for marriage alone. Here are five takeaways that will help you maintain a healthy perspective on sex.

husband in garage with hose around his neck

How I Learned to Avoid Overreacting

I used to overreact. Now I seek clarity before reacting in communication with my wife. I slow down and examine my heart before engaging.

bedroom in polka dots and flowers
Communication Struggles

Moving Beyond Compromise in Marriage

Don’t settle for ‘his way’ or ‘her way.’ Find a better way! Learn how to negotiate and communicate with your spouse for a happier marriage.

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