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Focus on the Family is home to Christian help for all of life’s challenges. You’ll find resources, referrals, and biblically-based answers to frequently asked questions.

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We're Here for Your Family

To speak with a family help specialist or request resources, please call us at 1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459).
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Resources & Referrals

We have numerous online resources on a large variety of topics related to marriage, parenting, faith, and more.
Christian Counselors Network

Counseling & Referrals

Focus on the Family offers a one-time complimentary consultation from a Christian perspective. We also offer referrals for licensed Christian counselors in your area.

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Doubt/Struggles with Faith

Wicca: What You Should Know

Witchcraft has been around a long time. But its promises are empty. Here is what you should know about Wicca.


Caring for Teens with Autism

Raising teens with autism takes patience and an ability to expect the unexpected. It’s a hard road, but a road with honor.

Eating Disorders

Teens and Eating Disorders

Discussing body image and eating disorders is difficult, but it is important to create a safe place for your teens to express what they are going through.