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Not Enough Time in the Day?

Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough of us to go around because parenting is nonstop. Use these strategies to go from restless to resting in God’s peace as a parent.

Understanding the Teen Brain

Understanding the teen brain requires patience, kindness, and grace. Learn from Dr. Ben Carson about how you can help your teen learn to THINK BIG as they continue to develop and grow.

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4 parenting styles
Mastering Today’s 4 Parenting Styles

Remember, no parenting style is inherently bad or good. Each carries its potential benefits and drawbacks. The key is to be mindful and adaptable, employing the methods that best fit your child’s individual needs and personality.

parenting with intentionality: happy kid with his father learning how to ride a bicycle using push or balance bike
Parenting With Intentionality

Intentionality in parenting means making a purposeful decision to spend time connecting with your kids. Intentionality is one of the seven traits for effective parenting.

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