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Prevent Teen Suicide with our FREE Guide

Alive to Thrive is designed to help parents and ministry leaders understand how suicide can be prevented. Through Alive to Thrive, you may become the lifeline that saves a young person’s life.


Biblical Principles

Sex Education: How to Start Early

Sex education can be intimidating. Yet, God created sex. Find more ways to teach healthy sexuality to your children.

Sensory Impaired

Sensory Processing Issues in a Child

Some children struggle to process sensory information that they see, hear, taste, feel or touch. They may also have difficulty with balance.

child in shopping cart, playing video game

When Your Kids Tune You Out

What causes kids to not listen? Distraction is a major obstacle, but inconsistent or unclear boundaries, and a lack of respect, are also big contributors.

Attachment & Bonding

Parenting a Child With Attachment Issues

Any number of unforeseen circumstances may create a situation in which parent-child attachment is a challenge. In this article, parents can learn principles and strategies for encouraging attachment in a struggling child.

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