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Prevent Teen Suicide with FREE Online Training

Alive to Thrive is designed to help parents and ministry leaders understand how suicide can be prevented. Through Alive to Thrive, you may become the lifeline that saves a young person’s life.
Intentional Parenting

Do Your Kids Know You Love Them?

Thinking of your children as masterpieces created by God doesn’t help them until you share those insights with them.

Defenses keep the castle safe.
Online Safety

Keeping the Castle Safe: Home Network Protection & Your Kids

Criminals no longer need to break down the front door and walk into your house to have access to your bank accounts, medical records, even your family photos. They merely need to gain access to your technology. If your castle is not properly defended, these enemies can break in and conquer your kingdom in the blink of an eye.

parenting rules

Parenting Isn’t Paint By Numbers

As our kids become teens, we’ve already established many of the parenting basics. But the masterpiece isn’t finished, and our role as parents is changing.

Child Actively Involved in Learning
Intentional Parenting

5 Ways to Get Children Actively Involved in Learning

I can’t remember a day that there wasn’t some kind of “learning lesson” going on in our home. But most of those lessons didn’t involve sitting down and doing homework. Instead, my mom employed active ways to help us learn how to learn.

Biblical Principles

Sex Education: How to Start Early

Sex education can be intimidating. Yet, God created sex. Find more ways to teach healthy sexuality to your children.


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