Join us at the March for Life

Show your support and march with us on January 24, 2020

Alive 2020

Focus on the Family is proud to announce ALIVE 2020 – a nationwide pro-life celebration on May 9, 2020. We’ll be “Alive” from five locations: Southern California, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and South Florida. We’ll have live music, amazing speakers and a live ultrasound of a baby. Join us for this free event!

Sign the Declaration for Life

Be a voice for the pre-born and the sanctity of all human life. Let your voice be heard!


Pregnant woman

Alternatives to Abortion: Pregnancy Resource Centers

If you or someone you know is facing an unplanned pregnancy, you should know that pregnancy resource centers are devoted to offering women alternatives to abortion, helping them make informed choices and providing a range of services to support them throughout their pregnancy and beyond.

portrait of mother and her beloved son with disability in rehabilitation center

Embracing the Path of Special Needs Adoption

Looking back, it’s funny to me how God had to convince us that a special needs adoption was the right path for our family – because I now consider every adoption to be “special needs.”

Becoming Pro-Life

The Value of Every Life

Bringing my son, Max, to church has never been easy, but God has made it beautiful


Avoiding the Trap of Comparison After Miscarriage and Loss

After experiencing the loss of a child, there will always be someone you think deserves to grieve more than you do. There will always be someone you think deserves to grieve less. But one grief cannot be measured against another.

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