A baby's life depends on you.
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A baby's life depends on you
The value of human life is under attack and today expectant mothers face life-and-death decisions.
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1 of 710 needed TODAY to save
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Brio magazine for teen girls has a fresh new look that includes more pages filled with inspiring profiles, cultural insights, health & beauty tips, faith-filled features and added fun!

Focus on the Family’s Brio magazine is designed with you in mind!

We’re here to help you grow in your faith, encourage healthy relationships and address real-life topics that will help you navigate the teen years. Growing into womanhood is a great adventure and the Brio team wants to journey with you. Let’s talk culture, body image, social media, boys and more as we filter it all through our shared faith in Jesus Christ.

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Celebrate how awesome God made YOU! Learn how to enjoy your friendships with guys, you’ll get invitations and the inside scoop on how to plan a summer camp for your friends. Then make a trendy tote bag for yourself or as a camp project.

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Wonderfully Made


Spring is here with changes—to your family, friends and school. It's a time to reflect on where God has placed you and remember how His love is constant, regardless of these changes. Then have fun making a family bouquet and being fashionable on a budget.

On Thrifting Thursdays in April, see reels

of thrift store adventures by girls like you.

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God's Unchanging Love


We celebrate not only Valentine's Day but also Easter in this issue! Read about MORIAH's story, get a guy's perspective on relationships and find the courage to make new friends. Then try memorizing Scripture through songs, cards and hand lettering!

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Choosing Jesus


Rejoice this Christmas as you find out about the greatest Gift of all, learn how to make perfume for family and friends, understand the gift personalities of those around you, and then wrap your presents with wrapping paper-posters!

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From socks that make statements to pets on parade, this issue is filled with fun and faith. Learn how to be thankful, even when things aren't going your way, how to tell your story, ways to bounce back after setbacks and what to do if you find yourself in a situationship.

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Glimpses of Gratitude


Our summer 2020 issue includes exciting personal profiles; inspiration for talking with God; fun swimsuit styles; tips for when your anger is real; 4 secrets to being smart with money; Bethany Hamilton’s summer smoothie recipes; and so much more.

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The Fruit of the Spirit


If you’re looking for encouraging content that will strengthen your faith, offer a variety of fun activities and provide answers to your questions, then Brio is just what you need.


Tell us what you think by emailing us at [email protected] with the subject line “letters to the editor.”

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