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Brio magazine for teen girls has a fresh new look that includes more pages filled with inspiring profiles, cultural insights, health & beauty tips, faith-filled features and added fun!

Focus on the Family’s Brio magazine is designed with you in mind!

We’re here to help you grow in your faith, encourage healthy relationships and address real-life topics that will help you navigate the teen years. Growing into womanhood is a great adventure and the Brio team wants to journey with you. Let’s talk culture, body image, social media, boys and more as we filter it all through our shared faith in Jesus Christ.

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Brio Magazine October November cover


This autumn issue includes insights on truth and prayer; tips for expressing gratitude; three unique profile pieces; basics for a healthy dating relationship; hope for when you’re feeling down; space to journal and color; and so much more.

Click below for a sample reading from this issue Expressing Gratitude

Brio Magazine August September Cover


This back-to-school issue includes health and fashion tips; exciting personal profiles; inspiration to pursue peace and calm; answers to your entertainment questions; insights on the battle of the sexes; space to journal and color; and so much more.

Click below for a sample reading from this issue
Benefits of Breakfast

Brio Magazine June July cover


Our summer 2020 issue includes exciting personal profiles; inspiration for talking with God; fun swimsuit styles; tips for when your anger is real; 4 secrets to being smart with money; Bethany Hamilton’s summer smoothie recipes; and so much more.

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The Fruit of the Spirit


This spring issue includes Easter inspiration; health and beauty tips; ask-the-doctor answers about puberty; hope for peace in a culture of uncertainty; crafts, quizzes and calendar activities; exciting personal profiles; and so much more.

Brio Magazine February 2020


This winter issue introduces you to women in the Word; provides fun crafts, fashion tips and winter workout inspiration; offers hope to help you move beyond self-harm; unpacks truths about love and friendship and making a difference; and so much more.

If you’re looking for encouraging content that will strengthen your faith, offer a variety of fun activities and provide answers to your questions, then Brio is just what you need.

Brio Magazine


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