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See Life 2021
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Brio magazine for teen girls has a fresh new look that includes more pages filled with inspiring profiles, cultural insights, health & beauty tips, faith-filled features and added fun!

Focus on the Family’s Brio magazine is designed with you in mind!

We’re here to help you grow in your faith, encourage healthy relationships and address real-life topics that will help you navigate the teen years. Growing into womanhood is a great adventure and the Brio team wants to journey with you. Let’s talk culture, body image, social media, boys and more as we filter it all through our shared faith in Jesus Christ.

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Our summer mag unpacks truths about the armor of God and provides practical insights to help you better understand your emotions. You’ll find three inspiring profiles; tips for time with dad; cool ideas for outside play; inspiring quotes and much more.

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The Armor of God


Our spring 2021 issue celebrates the hope of Easter and encourages faith in uncertain times. It includes three exciting personal profiles; two practical pieces with tips for social situations; a quiz, a craft, a summer reading list and so much more.

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The Miracle of Death to Life


Our winter issue focuses on God’s unfailing love even in times of doubt. It includes tips for shaking off stress; three inspiring profiles; insights for healthy relationships; a new Bible reading plan for a new year; a quiz and crafts and so much more.

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God's Love

Brio Magazine June July cover


Our summer 2020 issue includes exciting personal profiles; inspiration for talking with God; fun swimsuit styles; tips for when your anger is real; 4 secrets to being smart with money; Bethany Hamilton’s summer smoothie recipes; and so much more.

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The Fruit of the Spirit

If you’re looking for encouraging content that will strengthen your faith, offer a variety of fun activities and provide answers to your questions, then Brio is just what you need.

Brio Magazine


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If you’re interested in writing for Brio, please find our Writers’ Guidelines here.

To submit unsolicited articles, send to: Submissions Editor/Brio magazine, Focus on the Family, 8605 Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 or contact us online at [email protected].

Tell Your Story

By sharing your struggles and triumphs, God can transform your courage into hope and faith for others.

see life episode 1 coming soon version

Newest Release - Episode 1: The Truth About Life!

In this episode, we will tackle tough questions like, “When does life begin?” and “What does the Bible
say about Life?” You’ll discover and understand the stages of pre-born life and that babies are more than
just a clump of cells!

Yes, I Promise to Pray for the Pre-born and Their Moms!

Will you pray for the pre-born and moms that are facing unexpected pregnancies? We will send you a 7-day prayer guide that will help guide you along this journey with us!! You can even choose to receive this great resource by text!