A&S 4-8 (Early Childhood)


Imagine If…

…you could take the imagination of these years and channel it into productive things – like cleaning or making smart decisions. Good news! There are real things you can do right now!

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On-demand, biblical, practical, and personal tips to build your relationship with your child and model a thriving life with God.

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  • Love One Another

    Help kids learning what true, biblical love looks like with these age-appropriate activities.

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  • Jim Daly Intro to Stages
    Dr. Huerta “What’s So Amazing” (Stage 4-8)
    Dr. William Toffler “What to Expect” (Stage 4-8)

    The Role of Intimacy in Parenting – Dr. Juli Slattery

    When & How to Talk to Kids About Sex – Dr. Juli Slattery

    Understanding Sexuality in a Changing Culture – Dr. Juli Slattery

    Should You Homeschool? – Rebecca St. James

    Demonstrating Your Faith To Your Children – Rebecca St. James

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