What Should We Do If our Preschooler Walked in on Me and My Spouse Having Sex?

Any topics, conversations, or even a mention related with sex can be awkward for you and your preschooler. Much less a situation like this. Learn how you can use this moment to build positive momentum for conversations about sex with your child.

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Don’t worry. It’s normal to panic in this situation. At the same time, you don’t need to be consumed with worry because this happened.

Remember that sex and similar intimate moments are important parts of your marriage. Depending on your child’s age, you can start to use this sort of moment to begin healthy conversations about sex, sexuality, and God’s design for both.

If you decide to have a conversation with your child, here are a few things to think about because of this situation.

  • Emphasize that sex is not something he or she needs to be afraid of or feel guilty about.
  • Instead, it’s a wonderful gift that God gave to us to enjoy and protect in between a mom and a dad.
  • Remember that conversations about sex and sexuality should not be one and done. This could be the beginning of a lifelong learning process for your child.

Starting conversations about sex can be intimidating with younger children. Take it slow. If you need more guidance on this topic, explore our sex education resources such as The Talk or age-specific resources here. If you need to talk with a professional counselor, you can reach us here.

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