Sombrero Skillet Pie


1 pound ground beef
1 cup frozen corn
8-ounce can tomato sauce
16-ounce can diced tomatoes
1 tablespoon minced dried onion
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1 cup grated cheese
tortilla chips
black olives and avocado (optional)


1. Cook ground beef in a skillet over medium heat until beef is browned. Drain grease.
2. Stir in corn, tomato sauce, tomatoes, onion, salt and chili powder.
3. Turn heat to low and simmer uncovered for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
4. Sprinkle cheese on top to melt.
5. Arrange chips in a ring around the inside edge of the skillet. Be careful not to burn yourself.
6. Top with sliced black olives and avocado, if desired.
7. Serve directly from the skillet with extra tortilla chips.

This article first appeared in the May 2009 issue of Focus on the Family Clubhouse magazine. Copyright © 2009 by Lydia E. Harris. Used by permission. Photo © Ron and Karen Nickel.

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