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Share Your Faith Story: Tips for Creating Your Testimony

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At times, it can be difficult to put our personal story of faith into words. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to create your testimony and the best ways to share it with those around you!

4 Tips For Creating Your Testimony

Check out these four tips to help you get started creating your testimony. This way, you’ll be ready to share when someone “asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you,” as it says in 1 Peter 3:15 (ESV).

Take some time to think…and pray

The first thing you’ll want to do is take some time to think about your journey of faith. Your testimony is the story of how God rescued you and changed your life. Think of the moments in your life that impacted your faith the most.

      • What moment(s) stands out to you?

      • Was there a particular person or experience that God used to reach you?

      • When did you realize you needed Jesus?

    Make sure to pray before you start. Ask God to bring those specific moments to mind. Ultimately, when you share your testimony you want to bring glory to God. So be sure to ask him what parts of your faith experience would do that!  

    Focus on the before and after

    When we commit our lives to Christ, change is sure to follow. Look at what your life was like before and after you decided to follow Jesus.

        • What were the things you focused on before you became a Christian?

        • What was your number one priority at the time?

        • How has your life changed since you decided to follow Jesus?

        • How have you become more like Jesus since you became a Christian?

      Even as Christians, we’re still a work in progress. We always have room to grow and become better reflections of Christ. Don’t leave that out of your testimony! Admitting that you still struggle with certain things can highlight the fact that it’s only through God’s power that we can obey him.

      Share what you love

      A compelling testimony comes from the heart, and there is no better way to do that than by sharing what you love about your faith. Don’t be afraid to tell why you are glad you are a Christ-follower.

          • What gets you most excited about your faith?

          • What fear(s) are you overcoming since you put your trust in God?

          • What is the greatest thing about knowing God’s love for you?

          • Why do you want to share your faith with others?

        Stick to the highlights

        Once you’ve answered the questions above and thought about your faith story, take some time to streamline your testimony. Highlight the most important moments when creating your testimony.

        Try to keep your testimony to a few minutes. Why? It is usually better to keep your testimony short and to the point. It shows you respect the time of the person you’re speaking with and it can be easier for that person to digest. Remember, the people who you share with can always ask you to tell them more.

        Best Ways to Share Your Testimony

        Now that you’ve created your testimony, what are the best ways to go about sharing it with others?

        Care before you share

        It might sound a little silly, but it holds true. Jesus loved people and presented them with the truth of his message. We should do the same. When you’ve shown that you care for someone, they’ll be much more open to hearing your story of faith.

        Be honest

        Don’t try to be something you’re not and don’t embellish your story. It’s not necessary. God can and will use your testimony for awesome things, just the way it is.

        Don’t dominate the conversation

        Have a conversation, don’t give a lecture. Keep your testimony short and to the point. Welcome questions from the person you’re talking to, and make it known that you’d like to hear their thoughts.

        Look for organic ways to share

        This is a big reason to get familiar with your testimony. You won’t always have the chance to share it beginning to end in a natural way. But you can sprinkle in parts of your testimony as you see connections in the conversation.

        Don’t get down if it doesn’t go exactly as planned

        Remember, God’s got this. You never know how He will use your words to impact someone else. They might not respond the way you hope at the moment but have faith that God will use your story in the best way possible.

        Paul’s Testimony in Acts 26

        For a great biblical example of sharing your testimony, look no further than Paul in Acts 26. Called to court in Caesarea, he was told to state his case before Roman officials, prominent citizens, and even a king!

        Take some time to read through the chapter and see how Paul shared his testimony with everyone there. Although it was less of a conversation since he was told to give his account, what are the similarities you see with what we’ve covered above? How did Paul present his story? And what can you take away from it that will help you prepare your own?

        We’ve even created an infographic based on Paul’s testimony in Acts 26 – check it out by clicking on the button below!

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