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Magazine subscription FAQs (Clubhouse)

Tell me about Clubhouse magazine. What type of magazine is it?

Clubhouse magazine, for boys and girls ages 8-12, reinforces traditional values and promotes family closeness with hands-on activities, challenging puzzles, and exciting stories.

How do I subscribe to Clubhouse?

Visit our subscription page at the Focus on the Family Store online, call us at 833-753-3434, or email us at [email protected].

How do I order multiple gift subscriptions to Clubhouse magazine?

To order multiple gift subscriptions, call our Family Help Center at 833-753-3434.

How much does a subscription to Clubhouse cost?

Standard pricing for Clubhouse is:

The first issue of the magazine will arrive in 8 – 12 weeks.

New subscriptions to Clubhouse are automatically enrolled in our Continuous Service Program. This program allows Focus to steward its resources efficiently and spares you the hassle of renewing your magazine subscription. It avoids service interruption by automatically renewing your subscription at the published rate.


Can you tell me more about the Continuous Service Program?

As the end of your current subscription period approaches, you will receive an Annual Reminder email approximately 30 days before your credit card is charged. If you choose not to renew, email us at [email protected] or call 833-753-3434. If we do not hear from you, your automatic renewal will be charged to your credit card. Your automatic payment will guarantee uninterrupted service through the new expiration date, which is printed on the magazine mailing label.

If you recently subscribed to Clubhouse magazine but do not wish to be enrolled in the Continuous Service Program, call us at 833-753-3434. If you opt out of the program, you will receive renewal notices through the mail prior to the expiration of your subscription, but the subscription will not automatically renew.

I purchased a 2-year or 3-year subscription to Clubhouse. Will my subscription automatically end after that time?

Your Clubhouse subscription will renew in one-year increments until you cancel the subscription entirely or opt out of the Continuous Service Program.

My daughter will soon be ready to “graduate” from Clubhouse (for 8-12 year-olds) to Brio (for teen girls). If I remain in the Continuous Service Program, will her subscription automatically transition from Clubhouse to Brio?

No. To transfer your subscription from Clubhouse to Brio, call our Family Help Center at 833-753-3434.

I live outside the United States. Can I still subscribe to Clubhouse magazine?

Unfortunately, Clubhouse can’t be sent to addresses outside the U.S., including Missionary requests.

Do you offer single trial issues of Clubhouse magazine?

Yes, you may order a single trial issue in our store by clicking here:

I already have a subscription. How can I access my online account to find out how many issues I have left?

Subscription information is not currently available online. For questions about your subscription, call our Family Help Center at 833-753-3434.

I’m moving and need to change my address. How do I do that?

To change your delivery address and other details about your subscription, call us at 833-753-3434.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel the remaining issues of your subscription, call our Family Help Center at 833-753-3434.

How do I stop a duplicate subscription?

To stop receiving duplicate copies of the magazine, call us at 833-753-3434.

I recently renewed my subscription to Clubhouse. Why do I keep receiving renewal notices?

There may be an overlap between a renewed magazine subscription and when renewal notices are mailed out.  You can disregard these notices or call us at 833-753-3434 to check on the status of your subscription.

My copy of the magazine was damaged or never arrived. How can I get a replacement?

For replacement issues, call our Family Help Center at 833-753-3434.

I don’t want my name shared with other companies and ministries. How can I prevent that?

Focus on the Family does not sell, rent, or share our mailing list with other organizations. It is our policy to maintain the tightest security and confidentiality with personal information that is shared with us.


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