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coming alongside you, your family, and the church

Coming alongside you,
your family, and the church

coming alongside you, your family, and the church

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Raising Up Leaders in the Church

Developing Godly leaders takes time and commitment. But as you are faithful to pour into the next generation, you will see fruit over time that will lead to some of your greatest joy in ministry.

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8 Looming Dangers of Short-Term Missions Trips

Many valuable tools come with warning labels, such as “Handle with Care,” to highlight the dangers of misuse. As you plan your next short-term missions trip, consider these eight dangers and the tips we offer to minimize their impact on your trip.

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Battling Bitterness in Church Conflict with Forgiveness

Someone once said, “Bitterness is the poisonous pill we swallow, hoping it will kill someone else.” This statement has profoundly influenced me to battle bitterness because I have seen the potential for its destructive influence in my life and those I shepherd. So how do you battle bitterness biblically?

Adult Male Holding the Word of God

The Sign of Pastoral Success

Church attendance numbers matter. But they don’t determine success. Faithfulness does. Let us be faithful, my fellow pastor, by His grace and for His glory. And let’s remind ourselves frequently that success is being a faithful steward of what God has entrusted to us, in good times and bad.

Christian online technology concept. Hands praying of christian with digital computer laptop, Online live church for sunday service. Asian catholic woman are reading Holy bible book and online study.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Preaching 

No preacher ever “arrives.” If a preacher ever believes he has mastered the craft and can push cruise control and glide along, he is in a dangerous place. I am confident, however, that you desire to improve your preaching and are earnest to do so. Here are 5 ways to strengthen your preaching.

Beautiful woman praying having the Bible opened in front of her.

Leaving False Guilt Behind

Jesus wants to free us from excessive self-scrutiny, from false accusations that hover over us and haunt our fragile, tender hearts. Fix your eyes on Jesus. Do what you can and leave it with him.


Matching Spiritual Truths with the Gift of Music

Designed by God and gifted to mankind, the wonder and beauty of music is that it affords us some remarkable contrasts in corporate worship. May Christ give us the wisdom to match spiritual truths with the gift of music so that we might sing songs of biblical faithfulness and beauty for the good of His church and to the praise of His glory.

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The Pastor’s Wife and Expectations

Dealing with other people’s expectations can be complicated, especially for a pastor or ministry leader’s wife. It’s important to consider how we handle the expectations of the people we serve.

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