We're here to support ministry leaders and their families

Our support line for pastors and their families features fellow pastors and trained counselors who frequently support those in church and ministry roles. These pastoral care specialists can provide an understanding ear, a word of advice, a timely referral or a simple prayer. We know leadership is not easy, and we’re eager to come alongside pastors and their loved ones to help meet their needs.

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Being Completely Pro-Life in the Church

How does the church stand for life in a hostile culture? Pastors and church leaders can be encouraged that the pro-life message is changing hearts around the world. All we have to do as leaders is open our mouths and speak of the issue with biblical insight and grace.

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Discipleship in an Age of Comfort

Self often wins the battles of the day. In a culture where comfort is king, how can pastors and church leaders help their congregations cut through the noise and reach out to their neighbors with the Gospel?

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Balance and the Busy Pastor

How are pastors and church leaders to approach the idea of balance when their schedules are already packed with all the priorities of pastoral ministry?

Overcoming Criticism

Criticism is a daily factor for those leading local churches. How do pastors overcome criticism from within the church and from within their own families?

New Opportunities for Pastoral Growth

New paths for growth in pastoral ministry require new methods, new tactics, and new ground. Stretching and growing is never comfortable but is essential for healthy churches to flourish.

Passing on Leadership to a New Generation

In honor of Clergy Appreciation Month we are joined by America’s Pastor, H.B. London. After several decades in the ministry Pastor London is with us to share what he’s been up to the past few years, what he sees as a deficit in the church and how pastors and church leaders can move forward in this culture the church finds itself in the midst of.

Removing Our Blindness to the Glory of Christ

Without the sovereign, life-giving, blindness-removing, heart-illumining, glory-revealing work of God’s Spirit, preaching, as expository exultation, cannot achieve its aims—indeed it cannot exist.

Preaching on the Importance of Family

Distractions come in all shapes and sizes. Pastor Ted Cunningham shares how pastors and church leaders—though often distracted—can prioritize their families even in the midst of preaching a sermon.

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