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coming alongside you, your family, and the church

Coming alongside you,
your family, and the church

coming alongside you, your family, and the church

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Jesus Loved His Mom

Honoring our mother is a command that doesn’t end when we leave for college or go our separate way after marriage. Follow the example of Jesus, who had much to accomplish in the three years of ministry leading up to his death. Still, he honored his mother, welcomed her involvement in his life, cared for her needs, and provided for her old age, even though he could not take care of her on his own.

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Maintaining Pastoral Resilience through the Spiritual Disciplines

Amid turmoil, how can a pastor avoid joining the unusually high number of pastors voluntarily leaving the ministry? This final article in our series about personal spiritual disciplines speaks to perseverance in those disciplines to maintain in stressful times. It’s what the Barna Group referred to as “pastoral resilience.”

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Motherhood Sorrows and the Pastor’s Family

Even a faithful, experienced pastor can struggle to know what to say or do when suffering touches his family. For the pastor seeking to lead his wife through a difficult season of motherhood with gospel hope and comfort, here are six ways my husband—by God’s grace—has cared for me.

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Fostering a Church Culture for Foster Care

Our experience with foster care in our own family and encouraging and advocating for foster care and adoption in our church has taught us a few ways a pastor can help cultivate a heart for foster care in his church.

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The Pastor and the Authority of Scripture

Pastors can find answers to questions of authority in the only document God has given us that reveals His authority, motivation, goal, and outcomes of His authority. These are vastly different from any of the motivations, goals, and outcomes stemming from human authority.

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Staying Strong in Pastoral Evangelism

As we age and continue our pastoral calling, we commonly experience a decline in our zeal for evangelism. To overcome these obstacles, we must recognize the issue and consciously resist sin, focus on our calling, evaluate our priorities, and be intentional in our evangelistic efforts. How do you, my friend and fellow pastor, need to rekindle your passion for sharing the good news?

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6 Keys to Pastoral Longevity with Pastor Dave

I asked my friend Dave, who has been a pastor for 70 years, what the secret of his longevity was. He answered, “The grace of God, the will of God, and the love of the people.”
Over the years, I have learned many things from Pastor Dave. Here are six lessons.

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Pastors Need Pastors, Too

In the American church context, we sometimes put pastors on pedestals, creating a ministry culture in which the pastor is the center of attention. The result is that the pastor forgets he also needs the same nourishment as those under his care. I want to share some thoughts on preventing a culture of pastoral idolatry for healthy pastoral longevity.

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