We're here to support ministry leaders and their families

Our support line for pastors and their families features fellow pastors and trained counselors who frequently support those in church and ministry roles. These pastoral care specialists can provide an understanding ear, a word of advice, a timely referral or a simple prayer. We know leadership is not easy, and we’re eager to come alongside pastors and their loved ones to help meet their needs.

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Overcoming Barriers That Stunt Our Growth

Barriers for growth are an every day occurrence in the life of a church. How can pastors and church leaders become a healthy church and begin to break down these walls that are stunting their growth?

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Confession and Prosperity of the Soul

There is nothing that compares to the soul that has grown healthy and strong through walking in the truth and power of God’s Word and the Spirit through confession.

In Pursuit of Healing for Shattered Marriages

Churches can help those facing divorce put the pieces back together. By providing a space for healing and restoration, churches can curb the rising tide of issues like pornography use, infidelity, and marital distress.

an illustration of a man standing on one side of a brick wall trying to get the attention of those on the other side of the wall with a megaphone

Being a Tech-Wise Church

Technology can serve a good purpose in the local church. Pastors and church leaders need to think about the implications and level of technology they want to use when bringing their people into a closer relationship with God.

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Developing Healthy Relationships by Listening

When we listen, we desire to hear the other person’s opinion, to sense the person’s heart, and to understand him or her. God listens to us, and we can develop our ability to hear those around us.

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How Does A Busy Pastor Set Healthy Boundaries?

Pastors and church leaders of smaller churches may often find it difficult to set healthy boundaries, both with themselves and with the members of their church. Pastor Kevin Conklin shows us what setting boundaries looks like in the practical, every day life of a busy pastor, husband and father.

What Every Pastor Should Consider When Raising Up Young Leaders

Young leaders today need overseers who can guide them well through the culture surrounding the local church today. Leaders need to be wise about how and when they give the reigns of leadership over to younger leaders. Brittany Rust shares some wisdom through the years she spent in ministry leadership.

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