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10 Ways to Love Your Siblings

How to Love Your Little Brother or Sister

1. Write a list of things you like about your sibling. Hang the list someplace where you can both see it.

2. Learn how to cook their favorite lunch or breakfast.

3. Share a joke or secret. Tell them something that nobody else in the family gets to hear.

4. Introduce them to your friends. Don’t just exchange names—brag about how your little sib is so smart or so funny (or whatever positive trait best describes them).

5. Try a new activity together. Your siblings will be amazed to discover that you’re not instantly good at everything.

6. Play by their rules. Every so often, let your siblings change the rules of a sport or board game. See where their imagination takes you.

7. Help them start a unique collection. It doesn’t have to be expensive—my brothers loved $1 sunglasses and plastic snow globes.

8. Have a sleepover. If you have your own room, “invite” your brother or sister over to play with LEGOs, try on clothes or watch a kid-friendly movie.

9. Sit in the front row at their big game or performance. Pay attention the whole time and cheer like crazy!

10. Say the words. Tell your siblings that you love them. Say it out loud, and say it often (even if your brothers tease you).

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