Matthew’s Decoders 2020

A good detective knows how to keep a secret. Crack these codes, then write secret messages with your friends!

Code #2020-06

To solve this military code, arrange the code letters in Army rank, from lowest to highest:

Enlisted Personnel
private (Pvt.)
private first class (Pfc.)
corporal (Cpl.)
sergeant (Sgt.)

Commissioned Officers
second lieutenant (2nd Lt.)
captain (Capt.)
major (Maj.)
colonel (Col.)
general (Gen.)

Code #2020-03

This secret message uses Morse code in disguise. First sent via telegraph in 1844, Morse code uses a series of short dots (o) and long dashes (–) to represent each letter. The current standardized version looks like this:

o –– ooo– o – o– ooooo – o– – o
ooooooo – – –– o –o – oo– –– o
– – –o – – o– – o –o – oooooo –
ooo –o – –– oo –– o – –– – oo

To solve this code, replace the eyes with dots and the lips with dashes. Then match the sequence to the proper letter. Note: There are two letters on both the first and third lines, separated by a space. Read the letters across the rows to find the secret word.

Code #2020-01

Risk-takers have a saying: “Go big or go home!” To crack this skydiving code, select the bigger number in each pair of goggles. Next, change the selected numbers to letters: 1 = A, 2 = B, etc. Here is the complete alphabet.


Read the letters from left to right to find the secret word.

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