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Fabric Pumpkins


fabric (fall colors or patterns)
large dinner plate
dental floss
polyester fiberfill or stuffing
cinnamon sticks
glue gun


1. Set plate upside-down on fabric. Trace around the plate with a marker. Use a variety of fabrics and plate sizes (at least 10 inches across) to make pumpkins unique.
Want to make bigger pumpkins? Trace a pizza pan instead of a plate.
2. Cut out fabric circles.
3. Thread a needle with dental floss.
4. Baste stitch along the outside of the fabric, leaving a 1/4-inch seam at the edge.
5. Pull the thread tails halfway to cinch the pumpkin into the right shape.
6. Stuff the pumpkin. If you don’t have fiberfill, you can use old grocery bags.
7. Cinch floss shut and tie in a knot.
8. Glue a cinnamon stick to the top for a stem.
9. Cut out a few leaves and glue next to the stem (optional).
10. Decorate the dinner table, front porch or around the house.

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