Family Tree


vine-covered wire
hot glue
short can or bucket
colored paper
family photos
hole punch
ribbon or string


1. Cut 9 pieces of wire 2 feet long.
2. Gather the wires so the ends are matched up. Starting 2 inches from one end, twist the wires together to form a tree trunk. When half of the length is twisted, start separating wires from the twist to form branches.
3. Spread out the 2-inch ends at the bottom to form flat trunk “roots.” Glue roots to the bottom of the can.
4. Fill the can with moss. Bend or curl the wires at the top to give more shape to the branches.
5. Draw a leaf template and cut out. Write your favorite memories of your grandparents and things you love about them on some leaves. Decorate other leaves with pictures of your family.
6. Punch a hole in the leaves and use the ribbon to tie the leaves to the branches. Give your tree to your grandparents!

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